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Another “Intelligent Search” Skyrocket · In the On Search se­ries, I wrote a piece called In­tel­li­gence that ex­plained why in­tel­li­gent search is hard, but that it is so ea­ger­ly de­sired that there are pre­dictable flur­ries of ex­cite­ment ev­ery so of­ten over the nex­t, uh, pre­tender. This time, Cringe­ly has been sucked in. Wel­l, not en­tire­ly, he loads up with caveats too, but it’s a lit­tle sad to see one of the re­al­ly big-name writ­ers point to such tat­tered hy­pe. Earth to Bob: the prob­lem with AI isn’t that the “A” part isn’t fast enough, it’s that we don’t un­der­stand the “I” part. I won­der what it takes for some ob­scure lit­tle com­pa­ny ped­dling a dream that has been around the track so many times to get air­time with this guy? Cringe­ly needs to pull up his game a bit: in the last cou­ple of week­s, he was the on­ly per­son on the plan­et to con­clude that the Sun-Microsoft deal was some­how bad for the Ja­va Desk­top Sys­tem; not that he ac­tu­al­ly ad­vanced any ar­gu­ments on the sub­jec­t, just pro­claimed it. The peo­ple in Red­mond are smarter than Bob and I’m pret­ty sure that the deal isn’t mak­ing them wor­ry less about this.
Crushing Statistics · I think it was Dave Win­er who orig­i­nal­ly point­ed out that the Govern­ment of Cana­da has has a bunch of RSS feeds. I sub­scribed to the main Na­tion­al News feed; it has some pre­dictable puffery along the lines of “Prime Min­is­ter out­lines bold vi­sion for fu­ture of llama-farming,” but al­so has use­ful health alerts (there’s been some nasty stuff get­ting in­to the hon­ey sup­ply), plus The Dai­ly, a reg­u­lar snip­pet of statis­tics from Statis­tics Canada, which for some weird rea­son is a world lead­er in the field of coun­try mea­sure­men­t. In today’s Dai­ly I found some Crush­ing statis­tics.
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