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B.D.’s Leg · I’m sur­prised there hasn’t been more buzz about Gar­ry Trudeau hav­ing blown off B.D.’s leg to­day (but, mer­ci­ful­ly, ap­par­ent­ly he’s go­ing to live). It hit me kind of hard; this is the first time that the Iraq war has in­jured a “person I know” and I’ve known B.D. for go­ing on thir­ty years now. I don’t sup­pose it’ll change the po­lit­i­cal land­scape any, but you have to ad­mire Trudeau for tak­ing this on head-on. Plus, on the up­side, he al­so took B.D.’s dorky hel­met of­f, and it was get­ting kind of tired af­ter all these years.
Bubblets · There are now lit­tle talk-bubbles at­tached to the ar­ti­cles here on the front page of on­go­ing; each one is a branch, via Tech­no­rati, to who­ev­er out there might have point­ed at the ar­ti­cle it’s at­tached to. Which pro­vokes a cou­ple of ob­ser­va­tions and pre­dic­tion­s ...
Maggie Time · A typ­i­cal­ly crap­py cross-country trip fol­low­ing on two days’ East Coast in­som­nia has left me feel­ing pret­ty grungy, like the old camp­fire song has it: “My head hurt­s, my feet smell, and I don’t love Jesus...” But hey, I stum­bled by the cam­era shop where the ex­pen­sive re­pair job on the S50 was fin­ished (not cov­ered by war­ran­ty, me­chan­i­cal fail­ure due to ex­ter­nal im­pact, sigh) and there are com­pen­sa­tion­s, name­ly Mag­gie the Mag­no­li­a, of­ten pho­tographed in this space but re­al­ly at her best this af­ter­noon ...
Planet Sun · Sev­er­al peo­ple have point­ed to Plan­et Sun, a rather good ag­gre­ga­tion of all the known Sun blog­ger­s. It’s done by David Ed­mond­son, whose own un­col­lect­ed thoughts is well worth vis­it­ing. Al­so wor­thy of note in re­cent days is Mike Duigou on Com­plex­i­ty, which to­tal­ly cap­tures the men­tal pain con­se­quent on con­fronting a big new hairy URI. (But that whole Java.net space is or­ga­nized in a weird way that I don’t quite get; hm­m...). Al­so, Plan­et Sun is a clever name... for the next such project how about Set the Con­trols For the Heart of the Sun? [For the under-40s, that’s a druggie-Sixties-music ref­er­ence -Ed. (Yeah, but a great tune! -Tim)]
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