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Persuasion · It’s prob­a­bly su­per­flu­ous for me to point to any­thing by Scoble, since I sus­pect our read­er­ships have pret­ty com­plete over­lap, but his re­cent es­say en­ti­tled How Do You Per­suade? is the best thing he’s ev­er writ­ten.
Mystery Object · Here is an un­cap­tioned il­lus­tra­tion of a mys­tery ob­jec­t. Test your eru­di­tion ...
More Spam Damage · I sub­scribe to a few IETF-centric mail­ing list­s, in­clud­ing atom-syntax, that are host­ed at the IMC; Re­cent­ly, I post­ed an Atom-related sug­ges­tion (see al­so here) but the post­ing nev­er showed up. I checked with Paul Hoff­man, who does a fan­tas­tic job of run­ning the site (competently-run mail­ing lists aren’t that easy to come by), and he told me I’d been auto-unsubscribed be­cause my ISP had de­cid­ed, de­fer­ring to the SpamCop Block­ing List, that the IMC’s SMTP was a spam source and (tem­porar­i­ly) black­list­ed it. This is the sec­ond time in a month that I’ve had le­git­i­mate emails get bounced this way. I re-subscribed from my Sun ad­dress, but ap­par­ent­ly, to quote Paul: “If you trust spam­cop, you will con­tin­ue to lose your mail ran­dom­ly with­out know­ing why.” If you read the SpamCop page linked to above, it looks like SpamCop would agree with Paul’s anal­y­sis. Any­how, now I’ll find out if my ISP will stop ap­ply­ing this fil­ter to my email, and if not, I’ll have to find a new ISP.
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