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Has CNET Gone Crazy? · CNET has start­ed pro­duc­ing a syn­di­ca­tion feed that is not RSS 0.9, 1.0, 2.0, or Atom. I guess the old apho­rism “Never as­cribe to mal­ice that which can be ex­plained by stupidity” ap­plies here. Mark Pil­grim wields the clue­stick. [Up­date: John Roberts of CNET writes to tell us that point­er was a to rogue ex­am­ple of an old feed that es­caped in­to their RSS page ac­ci­den­tal­ly; they’ve since cleaned up. That’s a re­lief. Apolo­gies to CNET for the grief, but no apolo­gies for rais­ing a hue and cry at ap­par­ent bad be­hav­ior.]
3,397,120 Pixels · I got my first piece of Sun hard­ware to­day, a 24.1-Inch Flat Panel Mon­i­tor. It runs at 1920x1200, and plugged in­to my 15" Pow­erBook whose screen is 1280x854, that gives me, well, a whole lot o’ pix­el­s. I haven’t re­al­ly fig­ured out how to use ’em all ef­fec­tive­ly just yet, but it’s a nice prob­lem to have. Mind you, when I lean back at my chair and look up at this hork­ing thing, it oc­curs to me to say “On-screen!” in a clipped English ac­cent and see if I can get the cap­tain of that Ro­mu­lan War­bird up there.
’nother XML Geek · James Tauber has stum­bled in­to the bl­o­go­sphere. He’s a smart guy who un­der­stands this stuff as well as any­one; worth keep­ing an eye on.
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