Coming home from the Valley last week, I experienced a wardrobe malfunction; my knapsack (a tech-conference freebie) fell apart in the airport. So I hit the Wilsons Leather store in SFO, and discovered that business travel gear has really been getting better. I can’t find the product I bought on their website, but it’s a nice-looking black leather knapsack that doubles as a rollie, and is just way slick. It’s got a laptop sleeve that fits my 15-inch PowerBook, plus two more compartments; one for papers, one for electronics, lots of little pouches and pockets and sleeves, and an accessible-yet-secure place for the travel documents. Hmm, looking at Wilsons’ financials, they’re not doing that great, it might be a good time to snap something up now while they’ve got a clearance on. But I imagine that if they’ve got good stuff, so does the competition. Bottom-line, if you’re getting tired of whatever beat-up old thing you’re hauling around on road trips, it’s an attractive time to upgrade.

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April 12, 2004
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