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Nitrogen head · Dropped by the doctor to get some sun-damage spots removed from the top of my head—this problem is not uncommon in pale white bald guys. They do this very simply, by dipping a swab in liquid nitrogen and freezing the spots off. They call it “burning” and it feels like burning, quite unpleasant. The doctor said I might get a headache, and I was wondering about sudden drops in brain temperature. Wait a second... maybe I could overclock.
The New World of PR · Last Friday, Scoble relayed a denial by Microsoft exec Martin Taylor that they were behind the big venture investment in SCO. I’m surprised that nobody’s pointed at the meta-message here; this is the first time I know of that a big company has gone to one of their bloggers to get a critical piece of PR out. But I bet it won’t be the last. [Updated: Scoble clarifies. I had read his original post to say that Taylor had emailed Scoble saying “Blog this.” In fact, Scoble saw Taylor’s message on an an internal mailing list and did it on his own initiative; not quite as newsworthy as I’d thought. But read Scoble’s clarification for more on this.] [Updated again: Business Week says that Microsoft did lead the Venture Cap horse to the SCO trough. I tend to trust Business Week. Uh, would Martin Taylor like to clarify his statement that the allegations “are not accurate”?]
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