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Aliens Invade Queensland! · Pho­to­graph­ic proof, right here ...
Genx Alpha · I just post­ed a Genx tar­ball; the doc­u­men­ta­tion is sep­a­rate­ly avail­able here. This is Al­pha code, not be­cause it’s all that bug­gy (it doesn’t do that much, af­ter al­l) but be­cause it’ll quite like­ly change once some oth­er smart peo­ple see the prob­lems I haven’t. There are quite a few de­par­tures from the de­signs I post­ed ear­li­er and where the en­su­ing dis­cus­sion got to, sim­ply be­cause I’ve now writ­ten the code; and I’m nev­er smart enough to un­der­stand the prob­lem un­til I’ve writ­ten the code. For those who care about such things, dis­cus­sion will prob­a­bly be most­ly on the XML-dev mail­ing list. Genx cur­rent­ly has an ultra-minimal copy­right state­ment but I plan to adopt the lat­est rev of the Apache copy­right be­fore I do an­oth­er re­lease. [Up­dat­ed: Oop­s, tar­ball was mis-placed; it’s there now.]
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