M.C.G. is short for Melbourne Cricket Ground, which is to cricket something like Yankee Stadium is to baseball. I want there to watch some cricket, but it got rained out an over and a bit after we got there (saw one LBW on a vicious fast ball). The M.C.G.’s under construction and I found out how they put the seats in stadiums. (Warning: contains 6M QuickTime movie).

What impresses me is the really remarkable zoom performance on the lens of the videocam, a Canon ZR45MC, which was a decent consumer-grade product when purchased as a 2002 Christmas present. The effect of the closing unzoom, in digital video on a decent TV screen as opposed to the little QuickTime you’re looking at, is eye-opening. Why can’t I have this kind of lens on my pocket still cam?

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February 11, 2004
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