Those who walk on beaches and through forests with me have been heard to complain about sudden stops provoked by what they see as rotten pieces of junk and what I see as photo opportunities. My eyes love the progress of metamorphosis, entropic transmogrification by Nature’s undirected and indifferent hand. Here’s my side of the argument.

Let’s start with the remains of a fish.

Fish skeleton on the beach

Just a little way down the beach, an old-fashioned radiator becomes more colorful with each passing year.

Rusting radiator on the beach

This mattress is gaining entropy way faster than the radiator.

Decaying mattress on the beach

It’s not all on the beach, here’s a random piece of old wood from the forest floor.

Close-up of rotting wood

To close, an elegantly rusted-out donkey engine down some Pacific Rim trail somewhere.

Rusted-out donkey engine in the woods

These pictures are all scanned slides, the originals a couple of decades old.

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February 03, 2004
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