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Anne Sofie von Otter · Went to a con­cert last night by Anne Sofie von Ot­ter and pi­anist Bengt Fors­berg. She isn’t in the list of my top ten or maybe even fifty singer­s, and I didn’t know a sin­gle one of the songs per­formed, and while a cou­ple were pret­ty good I don’t think they’re go­ing in­to heavy ro­ta­tion on the car stereo any time soon. But you know what? I had a blast; con­certs are al­most al­ways worth go­ing to. Here­with some notes on why, and on some of the mu­sic ...
Security Blanket · To­day I turned on the FileVault thingie on my Mac, so ev­ery atom of my da­ta is 128-bit en­crypt­ed (Pleas­ing­ly, there doesn’t seem to be any per­cep­ti­ble slow­down). On top of which, we’re run­ning an­oth­er 128 bits of en­cryp­tion on the WiFi around the house, plus the link to the on­go­ing web host is via ssh which is RSA, uh I for­get how many bits in my key. So these hum­ble let­ters have been through a whole lot­ta bit-bangin’ along their route from my fin­ger­tips to your reti­na. Get­ting all this set up takes more work than it re­al­ly ought to, but it’s get­ting eas­ier, and once the ar­range­ments are there, it to­tal­ly doesn’t get in the way. Which is a good thing, be­cause the In­ter­net is a rough neigh­bor­hood, and in a rough neigh­bor­hood you don’t send your kids walk­ing off to school alone. No more should you send your vul­ner­a­ble lit­tle words out on its mean streets with­out some cryp­to­graph­ic Block Par­ents lend­ing a hand.
New Virus, Yow · This virus that’s go­ing around try­ing to get you to click on a .PIF be­cause it’s par­tial or has non-ASCII in it or what­ev­er, it’s hit­ting my in­box hard­er than it’s ev­er been hit be­fore. Maybe we’re watch­ing a record be­ing set; the mind bog­gles at the thought of the bil­lions of these things that are swoosh­ing around mailspace. The sto­ries say the virus-hounds haven’t fig­ured out what it does yet. Wel­l, I can tell you one thing it does: mail it­self to ev­ery­one in your ad­dress book, fak­ing a sig­na­ture from some­one else in your ad­dress book. Er, maybe the world should stop us­ing Out­look. Just a sug­ges­tion. [Up­date: Jon Udell writes me to point at this ex­cel­lent four-year-old piece; the email client there is Out­look and he still us­es it, and the way he us­es it makes it safe. He’s right and I was wrong: The prob­lem isn’t Out­look, it’s Win­dows.]
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