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Genx · It seems there’s some con­sid­er­able de­mand for a C-callable API which will write XML safe­ly and ef­fi­cient­ly. I sketched out an in­ter­face de­sign which you may pe­ruse here; I think it’ll be pret­ty self-evident to the C-literate. It com­piles and I wrote and test­ed the genxS­canUTF8() method, so it’s not en­tire­ly va­por. Upon con­sid­er­a­tion, I think it will be vir­tu­al­ly no ex­tra work to make it emit Canon­i­cal XML, ready to be signed, sealed and de­liv­ered (and Rich Salz said he would help) so why not? Ma­jor thanks to An­tho­ny J. Starks for the name—I am not a mem­ber of Gen X my­self, but I do share a city with Cou­p­land, so there you go. Since on­go­ing doesn’t have com­ments, I’ll post a point­er to this item over in the xml-dev mail­ing list, which is a nat­u­ral place to dis­cuss it. It would be very sur­pris­ing if this first-cut sketch didn’t con­tain some stupid er­rors, so go get ’em.
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