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History of XML Error Handling · I en­cour­age ev­ery­one to go and read Mark Pilgrim’s re­mark­able overview of the his­to­ry of XML error-handling. His sum­ma­ry is In the end, Tim ba­si­cal­ly said “there are two camps here, they both have good points, we aren’t go­ing to con­vince each oth­er on this one” and then pro­ceed­ed to com­pro­mise by do­ing it his way. Mark’s se­lec­tion of out-takes from the de­bate would seem to sup­port that nar­ra­tive. Ex­cuse me while I go off in a cor­ner and shake off the mega­lo­ma­ni­a. Let’s get re­al: even my Mom wouldn’t be­lieve that I could single-handedly im­pose so fun­da­men­tal a pol­i­cy de­ci­sion on this large and pas­sion­ate a com­mu­ni­ty by say­ing “Make it so.” What hap­pened was, we had a re­al­ly big, re­al­ly long, re­al­ly pas­sion­ate ar­gu­ment on the sub­jec­t; the camps came to be called “Draconians” and “Tolerants.” After this had gone on for some weeks and some hun­dreds of email­s, we took a vote and the Dra­co­ni­ans won 7-4. And in­deed, some among the Tol­er­ants cried foul over that vote. This was a good ex­am­ple of what we mean when we say “rough consensus” in that even those on the short side of the vote were will­ing to de­fend the pro­cess and the out­come; see Hol­lan­der and Sperberg-McQueen. Other in­ter­est­ing glimpses in­to this his­to­ry may be found here and, giv­ing the last word, as is ap­pro­pri­ate, to Jon Bosak, here.
On Writing XML · In a re­cent es­say I of­fered, giv­en de­mand, to au­thor some XML-writing soft­ware. There’s been quite a bit of feed­back, and the con­sen­sus seems to be that the Ja­va com­mu­ni­ty is fair­ly well-served with XML writ­ing soft­ware, but that this would be re­al use­ful at the C lev­el. So that’ll be my cod­ing fun for the month of Fe­bru­ary. The rest of this es­say lists some of the Ja­va op­tions that peo­ple told me about, and in­tro­duces some is­sues around the C im­ple­men­ta­tion ...
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