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On Postel, Again · Mark Pilgrim has echoed Aaron Swartz’s earlier call for, in general, forgiving parsing of Internet content and, in particular, the application of this “liberal” policy to the parsing of subscription feeds, and in particular particular, to the parsing of the Atom format. Others including Dave Winer have weighed in on the other side. Parts of this no-exceptions message are mistaken and malformed, but I’ll parse it forgivingly and address some interesting related issues ...
TPSM-9: Good Implementations · Some technologies bubble to the surface as the purest idea-ware, “Here’s the relational theory; wouldn’t it be great if we could build databases that way?” Others first get noticed when they’re already built into working code, like for example Tim Berners-Lee’s Web prototypes and then Mosaic. Which kind is more likely to succeed? ...
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