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Area Code Map · Ever wonder where some area code is? Google is pretty helpful with that, but I also stumbled across this remarkable labor of love; pretty well anything you could possibly want to know about area codes, with exhaustive mapping, all on one page. And there’s a related page on how new area codes get worked into the system—for a real thrill, scroll down and read the section on Overlay.
Black and Blue · Lauren recently bought a nice IBM laptop, and I raised my eyebrows when I found out she’d bundled in a mouse and some other accessories. I hadn’t thought of IBM as a leader in mouse technology, but I was wrong ...
TPSM 6: Return On Investment · If you’ve been involved with a major enterprise capital procurement recently, you’re probably sick of hearing about ROI. A sales pro who wants to convince a customer to sign on the dotted line for a big chunk of money had better have worked up a convincing financial model showing how the customer is going to reduce expenses or increase revenues by an amount that’s several times what they’re being asked to pay. The same kind of dynamic applies between a line manager launching a project and the corner office; and between senior management and Boards of Directors. These days, people don’t want to hear about synergies and intangibles and brand leverage, they want capital-R, capital-O, capital-I, and they want it fast. So, is ROI potential useful in predicting the success of new technologies? ...
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