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RotK, Bah · Put me in with the 3% of the pop­u­la­tion who didn’t like it. There is just no ex­cuse for the agonizingly-slow open­ing or the agonizingly-slow end­ing. For ex­am­ple: the book’s last para­graph is He drew a deep breath. “Well, I’m back,” he said. Cut to black, dammit! What could be more cin­e­mat­ic? The movie is good where it stays close to the book: the ride of the Ro­hirrim; Eowyn and the Nazgul; Fro­do and Gol­lum at the Cracks of Doom. The fur­ther it strays, the cheesi­er it get­s, and it strays pret­ty far. Why lose the scene where Grond strikes down the gates of Mi­nas Tirith and the witch-king rides in to con­front Gan­dalf? To buy time for end­less te­dious min­utes of Fro­do and Sam climb­ing the side of Morgul Vale? Why the stupid by-play with Gol­lum un­der­min­ing Sam, cheap­en­ing the main Frodo-vs-the-Ring sto­ry? And one more gripe, not just with this third ei­ther: Jack­son loves this dis­gust­ing shot where Frodo’s on his back par­a­lyzed with fear crawl­ing back­ward away from a mon­ster of one sort or an­oth­er, which is nei­ther re­al­is­tic nor very flat­ter­ing to Mr. Bag­gin­s. I think this cheesy special-effects ve­hi­cle is ben­e­fit­ting big-time from everyone’s ex­pec­ta­tions of Hol­ly­wood be­ing so low that it gets raves just for not be­ing egre­gious­ly bad.
Telephony R.I.P.? · I have an iSight and a nice new Mac lap­top. I al­so have a beat-up old Mac and a de­cent Canon video­cam that I don’t use that much, not hav­ing (yet) de­vel­oped videographer’s re­flex­es. Any­how, the Canon has firewire out­put, so I plugged that in­to the old Mac and what do you know, it works just fine with iChat AV. So we put the old Mac and the Canon with a lit­tle tri­pod on a desk in a qui­et but wired area up­stairs and it’s a free video­phone to any­where in the world. Res­tat­ing for em­pha­sis: when­ev­er I’m any­where in the world and have an In­ter­net con­nec­tion, I can have a free video­phone call home, that goes on as long as I need to and nobody’s count­ing min­utes or run­ning up a phone bil­l. Let’s see; free tele­phone with video, or pay-for-it tele­phone with no pic­ture. Cost­ly and voice-only, or free with a pic­ture. I think this is what an in­flex­ion point smells like.
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