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Nice Christmas · Good year-end here at work. They won’t let me name names because that will screw up the carefully-crafted press releases for the new year, but in these dying days of 2003: First, we signed and launched a supply-chain deployment at a big home-hardware company down East. Plus, even better, we signed up a partnership with a really really interesting solution-provider focusing on the the US Feds — smart people. Plus, best of all, we’ve nailed down an OEM-flavored deal with a terrific procurement-management company and our guys are working on like dozens of their existing customers and prospects — that’s a fiendishly competitive space and bringing a better user interface to market is going to work out very nicely for us and them. There’s never been an easy software startup, but when the wheels are gripping, it’s pretty damn exciting.
Aussie Cluefulness · We’re taking a vacation to Australia in February. You can’t just hop on a plane, you have to get a visa. This used to mean, if you were in a big city with a consulate, going down there with a picture and spending time waiting, or if you were away from such a city, mailing them your passport. So last night, Lauren suggested checking their online presence, and what do you know, it’s excellent. You can get a year’s visa for A$20 by giving them your passport number and a few basic vital statistics, and the whole thing takes maybe five minutes. Good on ya, Aussies!
Something Stinks · This morning, my news aggregator served up this innocuous-looking piece from Infoworld (take a moment and check it out) which I read and suddenly found myself angry. The anger is because what this article describes as “what looks more and more like the way of the future” strikes me as more or less like complete bullshit. Details follow ...
Orchard Online · I note that with the arrival of Dave Orchard, one-third of the TAG is now in blogspace. Dave writes big long pieces (like me) but jams the whole narrative right into the blog, none of this wimpy excerpt/teaser stuff; I’ll have to watch and see how that plays out. He mixes his material up; if what’s on top doesn’t turn your crank, scroll way down.
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