Do: If your screen has the dreaded “white spots,” stop waiting and take it in to get it fixed. The fix is sticking (for me, anyhow) and what I hadn’t noticed was that in between the white spots, the screen was fading and looking generally lousy; it’s like a major upgrade. Do: If you have a new 15” Aluminum PowerBook, go and buy a replacement battery. I haven’t done the measurements yet, but the replacement lasts significantly longer than the one that came with the computer. Don’t: Visit Simon Haertel’s site and pick up Quinn (i.e. Tetris) even if you want to just check out the Cocoa programming chops; not only is it very likely to cost you several wasted hours but there’s just no good way to explain when a colleague or loved one comes into the room and catches you using your expensive shiny high-powered computer to play Tetris.

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December 07, 2003
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