The pain from this tragedy has abated somewhat, probably because it all happened during the winter of ’83-’84 and time heals if not all then at least some wounds.

The Yam fell on the floor (from above)

What happened was, we were getting dinner ready and dropped a Yam. Pedantic botanists may observe that the carcase in the photographs is actually that of a Sweet Potato not a Yam; but linguists will retort that this particular variety of Ipomoea batatas is commonly referred to as a “Yam” in modern American usage.

Pedantic interior decorators will question the design statement being made by those linoleum tiles; to which I can only plead youth and poverty, and it wasn’t a bad rental at all.

The photograph below is motivated by the same spirit that makes war correspondents focus in on the burned child or severed limb, decency be damned. You should really consider a click-to-enlarge to get the full effect.

The Yam fell on the floor (side view)

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December 04, 2003
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