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CSS Cowabunga · A couple of minor changes to ongoing in recent days, all in the CSS. First, if you cast your eyes to the right the nav stuff and picture are no longer encased in soft green, that’s been tidied away in favor of just a line, which is typographically necessary because of the ragged-right column. That’s a one-liner: border-left: 1px solid #040;. Also, I switched the font to Georgia and twiddled the sizing a bit for the serif presentation; if you sneered at it before, give it another try, I think it’s looking way better than the sans-serif version (you have to hop off this front page into one of the articles to see the difference). This CSS stuff is going to catch on one of these years. Next, I need to decorate that picture a bit, soften the edges or drop-shadow it or something, it feels a bit naked hanging there in white space.
Do Databases Suck? · A couple of month ago I was writing about a C coding project; that code is now wired into the 4.1 release of Visual Net, which comes out sometime early next year, and there’s an interesting optimization lesson or two buried in there ...
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