Talking around the table over sushi and beer the other night, we realized we’ve reached an inflection point; a lot of us can really no longer use dial-up effectively on the road. The volume of email (mostly spam, but even the legit stuff) has gotten so high that you just can’t afford the time for the modem to wade its way through it. IMAP plus server-side filtering helps less than you’d think, because IMAP is such a chatty protocol. It was here in Japan, a decade or so ago, that for the first time I was able to dial up and get my email from on the road. At the time it was a huge quality-of-life win and I remember signing off “Emailing ya from Japan, dig it!” Well, I’m blogging from Japan, but it’s through a fast smooth Wifi connection, just open up the laptop and I’m on the air. Two of the people in the room here have Vonage boxes and are getting local phone calls; dig it!

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November 15, 2003
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