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Pardon the Breakage · If on­go­ing is act­ing weird, it’s be­cause I’m try­ing to switch in a new rev of the pub­lish­ing soft­ware, and the same iden­ti­cal HTML pages are act­ing weird­ly dif­fer­ent on my stag­ing serv­er and on on­go­ing and I have no idea why, and when I fig­ure it out, I’ll re­place this note with one telling you, of course, how great the new soft­ware is. Later: al­most got it to work; now De­bian ImageMag­ick is in­ex­pli­ca­bly fail­ing to deal with some but not all of my JPGs; OS X ImageMag­ick likes ’em al­l. We’ll get there even­tu­al­ly.
Pinker on Brown on Human Universals · I’m cur­rent­ly read­ing Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate: The Modern De­nial of Hu­man Na­ture which, 100 pages in, seems more or less an ex­tend­ed polemic aimed at those who want to ig­nore or re­fute or min­i­mize the ge­net­ic com­po­nent of Hu­man Na­ture. Since I take Pinker very se­ri­ous­ly I’ll prob­a­bly write more about this when I’m fin­ished, but I have to share this list that he talks about and then help­ful­ly in­cludes, of Hu­man Univer­sals, from Don­ald E. Brown, of whom I know noth­ing. Brown de­vised this list in 1989. If there is such a thing as Hu­man Na­ture, this list is all about it ...
Wondering About Vignette · I’d like to use the Web as a Real­ly Smart Library—first time I’ve done that on this blog—because I’m look­ing for some us­er and pro­gram­mer ex­pe­ri­ence on Vignette. I haven’t been near their prod­ucts for years, since the days of Sto­ryServer, which was gen­er­al­ly hat­ed for bug­gi­ness, ar­cane com­plex­i­ty, and TCL-centricity. If any­one would like to share some Vignette content-management or por­tal ex­pe­ri­ences, on or off the record, I’d sure ap­pre­ci­ate it, and I’d pub­lish them here too (or not) on re­quest.
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