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Life Lessons · “Look Mom­my, there’s a but­ton on the table!” said the kid. “Yes, I think it came off Daddy’s pants.” Si­lence... a bit too much si­lence. “What are you doing!?!?” Tableau of hor­ri­fied lit­tle boy crouched over the hot-air ven­t, look­ing up with crum­bling face as he re­al­izes he’s Done Some­thing Wrong. There is, af­ter al­l, no ar­gu­ment from first prin­ci­ples (those avail­able to a four-year-old, any­how) that you shouldn’t drop a nice shiny but­ton down the heat­ing ven­t. Sub­se­quent­ly, par­ents ob­serve that un­con­trol­lable gig­gles se­ri­ous­ly im­pair both the solemn les­son about Not Drop­ping Things Down the Vent and the ef­fort to soothe the child’s bruised feel­ings.
There’s Still No Such Thing as a Web Site · I orig­i­nal­ly cov­ered this sub­ject back on Fe­bru­ary 27th, 2003, the same day that I an­nounced on­go­ing to the world. I think it’s worth re­vis­it­ing, be­cause it sure would be handy if there were such a thing as a Web Site, as Dave Win­er, Sam Ru­by, and Jere­my Za­wod­ny have all ob­served ...
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