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My Tribe · The recently-ended Foo Camp has been well-covered all over the Web and certainly doesn’t need me to write anything more about what happened there. I’ll say in closing, though, that it fulfilled a need that I didn’t know I had, the need—sometimes—to go tribal, to hang out with your own kind. For which, thanks to the organizers and to my fellow campers. Obviously I’m a geek, but as a matter of choice I’ve spent a lot of time on other paths, being a businessman and family man; and I don’t regret those choices. But it’s sweet for a couple of days, among fellow spirits, to share concerns and jokes and values and then the important thing, the central thing: never needing to explain “why.” What we’re doing here is worth doing for its own sake, never forget it.
Another Whack at Spam · What happened was, I was at a table with Jeremy Zawodny, Dave Sifry, and Doug Cutting, which is probably around fifty aggregate years of big-iron experience. So as usual we were bitching about spam, and we had an idea that would shut it down for sure. [Updates: Prior art and an improvement.] ...
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