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CSS Print Argh · I have re­ceived many emails telling me that I re­al­ly ought to make on­go­ing eas­i­er to print. Giv­en that I write prob­a­bly the second-longest en­tries in the whole uni­verse of blog­dom (trail­ing on­ly Chris Brumme) I thought my cor­re­spon­dents had a point. Through the mag­ic of CSS, this ought to be easy to achieve. How­ev­er, it has so far more or less en­tire­ly de­feat­ed me so far. This is an ap­peal to the CSS mavens out there; I know one or two of them are among my read­er­s. After they get it work­ing, I shall of­fer some pay­back in the form of a don’t-be-a-moron-like me tu­to­ri­al so you too can make your death­less prose more print­able ...
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