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To Read · The English verb to Read is un­sat­is­fac­to­ry, in that its past par­tici­ple is in­dis­tin­guish­able from many present-tense con­ju­ga­tion­s. When I say “I read that the For­eign Min­is­ter stated...” it is un­clear whether I read it last May or whether hav­ing now read it I am about to re­ac­t. This aris­es be­cause in com­pos­ing a brief email on an emotionally-charged subject—Israel/Palestine—I be­came aware that when I wrote “I read” it was to­tal­ly un­clear whether I had read or do read, and this kind of sub­tle­ty re­al­ly mat­ters in this kind of ter­ri­to­ry. I pro­pose that we dis­tin­guish the past par­tici­ple of read by adding an ex­tra ‘d’ so when I write “readd” it’s pro­nounced “red” and ev­ery­one knows what I mean.
RSS, Advertising, Cheating · I re­cent­ly start­ed read­ing the RSS feeds from In­foworld, which con­tain ad­ver­tis­ing, my first ex­pe­ri­ence with this. Some gen­er­al im­pres­sions and a com­plain­t, but I think this may be the fu­ture ...
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