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Elephant Lightning · After months of drought, it rained to­day in Van­cou­ver! It’s rain­ing right now, and we’re all hop­ing the rain will move up-country, where the fire­fight­ers haven’t been win­ning many re­cent­ly. The rain ar­rived ac­com­pa­nied by a big thun­der­stor­m, a rar­i­ty here, and I was ex­plain­ing to the four-year-old about light­ning and thun­der, and how you shouldn’t go out­side be­cause you can get struck by light­ning. He said “And when ele­phants go out in the stor­m, the light­ning hits them, right?” Er, I sup­pose. I don’t know. And for that mat­ter con­sid­er the gi­raffes with their lit­tle horn­lets like light­ning rod­s. Is there no light­ning on the African sa­van­nah­s, or do the ele­phants and gi­raffes just get zapped some­times, or what? [Up­dat­ed: It hap­pen­s, and it’s worth read­ing about.] ...
DC Intel · Most places in the world, when you talk about “Intel” you’re talk­ing about CPU chip­s. In Wash­ing­ton DC, that word is uni­ver­sal­ly an ab­bre­vi­a­tion for In­tel­li­gence, as in three-letter agen­cies, spook­s, and so on. A cou­ple of weeks ago I was in­vit­ed to an all-day meet­ing of the In­tel­li­gence Com­mu­ni­ty Me­ta­da­ta Work­ing Group (ICMWG) out in Vir­gini­a, one of my more in­ter­est­ing out­ings of 2003. Here­with some per­son­al notes on the no­tion of spy­ing and a look at what may be the world’s biggest and hard­est meta­da­ta prob­lem, with some re­marks on the ap­pli­ca­tion of RDF ...
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