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Danny · There are few things as depressing as the endless Israel/Palestine story. It’s the oldest kind of struggle in the world, ethnic groups spilling blood over real estate, and sometimes it’s easy to believe that it’ll still be going on when my grandchildren are my age. Then you read about something like this, and you can enjoy a few minutes of hope. That Danny Barenboim, he’s a mensch.
Namespace Pedantry · There is one aspect of XML namespaces that keeps confusing people, and since I wrote the specification, it’s at least partly my fault. In the last week alone it’s caught both Jon Udell and Aaron Swartz. There is no such thing as the “blank namespace” or the “empty namespace” or the “unqualified namespace.” An element or an attribute is either in a namespace or not, and if it’s in a namespace, the namespace has a name, and the name isn’t blank. I enclose an example and a bit more explanation ...
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