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RSS Flow, Measured · Between mid­night and 11:07 AM on Satur­day Au­gust 2nd 2003, on­go­ing’s RSS feed was fetched 4,512 times, which is 6.76 times/min­ute, i.e. about once ev­ery 8.8 sec­ond­s. Add it up: that’s just over 128 MB/­day. This we­blog isn’t even in the top 100, if you be­lieve Tech­no­rati. Yow. [Up­date: Follow-up ques­tions from Bill Seitz and Brent Sim­mon­s]. [Up­date Aug 6: Fixed bug, bet­ter num­ber­s] ...
Sam, Elvis, Memphis, Hard Work · Sam Phillips died this week. The wa­ter of pop cul­ture we all swim in would taste no­tice­ably dif­fer­ent were it not for Sam’s work. But he’s most re­mem­bered, ob­vi­ous­ly, for the tracks he cut with Elvis Pres­ley in 1954-55. Here­with a few re­marks on Elvis’ mu­sic, Mem­phis touris­m, and the sweaty end of the busi­ness ...
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