They say midsummer’s June 21 but that’s silly, midsummer is right now, the endless hot slant of afternoon sun pulls pictures out pretty well anywhere you look, here we have not just flowers but wildlife and a little illustrated family story.

What civic institution could be more cost-effective than a midsummer wading pool? The inputs are basic concrete, a bit of plumbing, and a bored minimum-wage student monitor, the output an explosion of joy.

Wading pool in a Vancouver park

The much-photographed magnolia caresses the eye well into midsummer, this is the second or third little echo of its pink spring explosion, now nestled in a bed of dark green, maple framework for background.

Late blooms on the Magnolia

Lauren’s off teaching in Oxford, so it’s just the kid and me, and since this almost-gone midsummer bloom is one of hers I don’t know what it is, I’ll update when she catches up and sees this page.

Close-up of mostly-pink flower

Just the kid and me I said; below I think is a small midsummer story.

Father and child shadowed, 1
· · ·
Father and child shadowed, 2

Those previous shots are mostly the child: so to compensate here’s Daddy (longlegs); we raise flowers and children by choice, arthropods willy-nilly. Midsummer, it all grows.

Daddy Longlegs on climbing hydrangea

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