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News Snicker · I just got a call from Paul Festa of C|Net, who’s working on a story about Pie/Echo/Atom. He tried, several times, to get me to say something nasty about Dave Winer, coming at it from two or three different directions. I wouldn’t bite (sorry Paul), but I do think there’s a story here and Dave’s one of the people in it. I think the people in this story care about the human voice on the Net; they’re are working hard on improving the landscape and (mostly) not getting paid for it, because this is worth working on. And if you can’t see why, nothing I or Paul Festa can say can possibly help you.
High Throughput · In co-operation with Dave Orchard of BEA, I’ve spent the last few days hosting a face-to-face meeting of the W3C Technical Architecture Group here in Vancouver. I’m pretty tired, since there’s been some heavy lifting, with a background roar of allegorical artillery. But there are compensations ...
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