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Overpass Prophet Project · A few years ago when I was commuting back and forth on the Expressway in Toronto every day, there was this fairly low overpass that I (and a hundred thousand or so others) drove under every day. I thought the experience would be improved if there were an old man standing on it wearing white robes in the style of a biblical prophet, slowly waving a large black flag ...
Explosion! · Sam Ruby decided that the way to design the next generation of Web syndication was to create a Wiki, a dynamic website that can be edited by, well, anyone, the only restriction being, er, um, in fact there aren’t any restrictions. As any fool can plainly see, this can’t possibly work, except for it sorta kinda seems to. It’s my first exposure to the world of Wiki, and it’s been a brain-bender. Herewith some impressions and deductions and a close up view of a creative explosion in action ...
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