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Google Ads · In­ter­est­ing write-up chez Za­wod­ny about the Google AdSense pro­gram; pret­ty well any­one can sign up and put Google ads on their site, and get paid when some­one clicks on the ad­s. So I signed up, al­though I don’t plan to run ’em for the mo­men­t. Ex­cept on this es­say right here, along with some com­men­tary on the pro­gram (sound­bite: looks pret­ty rea­son­able so far) ...
I Like Pie · Sam Ru­by has, over the last week or so, been qui­et­ly at the cen­ter of a lot of in­tense dis­cus­sion with the goals of clar­i­fy­ing what a “log entry” is, and now build­ing a roadmap around it. Now they’re ask­ing peo­ple to put up their hands and say whether they sup­port this or not. I sup­port it strong­ly, with (a typ­i­cal­ly lengthy list of) caveat­s, am­pli­fi­ca­tions and di­gres­sion­s ...
Apple Rah Rah · The news was full to­day of Ap­ple chest-pounding about the next re­lease of OS X, and the new box­es built around the G5 AKA PPC 970, which does look to be one hot ma­ma of a chip. But I just want­ed to give (in one case iron­ic) thanks to Ap­ple for two spe­cif­ic re­cent moves ...
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