I don’t play the stock market a lot, but I have a few bits and pieces. This morning I had a look to see how I’m doing, and it occurred to me to wonder why my portfolio isn’t there in my aggregator? (Update: It is now.)

It would be easy enough, the simplest thing would just be to give a list of sticker symbols and look them up every half-hour while the markets are in session. A bit of rule-based tuning would be nice, for example only report the price at the opening and if/when it changes more than 4% up or 2% down. Or, maintain your actual holdings and include your portfolio/holding values in the feed.

Ha! Adam Shand wrote me to point out that the NASDAQ has had free XML quotes for a long time. Furthermore, they include NYSE shares too. Not real-time of course (you have to pay for that). I’ve got Perl here, and an XML parser, and cron to run this every ten minutes while the stock market’s open. I’m doing project documentation for our CFO and I can easily be tempted to play hookey for an hour, so...

Stock ticker in an RSS aggregator

This XML stuff, you know it might catch on!

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June 17, 2003
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