Help! I’m getting like a couple of hundred spams per hour relayed through (SAIX is a South African ISP) to every permutation of two or three letters They are a classic 419 spam allegedly from, but I’ve never seen this pattern before. It all gets caught by the spam filter, but is just a POPmail address and I can’t imagine good things will happen if I just ignore it and fail to offload the crap from my ISP regularly. This isn’t an irritant, this is an outright assault. The phone number in South Africa is +27-83-570-6267. Is there anything I can do? (Later: got my ISP to drop anything that’s not specifically to tbray on the floor, but what a shock. I suppose if you’re any big company, there are a couple of dozen of these turkeys pounding you at any given moment. Yow.)

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June 16, 2003
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