For many years, the world of publishing technology has gathered to talk and shop at the twice-yearly Seybold Seminars. This September in San Fran there will be some weblogging sessions, I’m going and there are some open slots, check it out.

“Publishing Technology” tends to have more to do with printers and PDF and color-matching and advertising-management and so on than with software, but even this world has noticed that there are jungle drums out there and they’re beating a Weblogs/RSS rythm.

So they asked Idealliance, who put on the big annual XML conference, to cover the space in their XML-centric track. Lauren is organizing it and I’ve agreed to drop by and say something. Here are the details once again; If you have a message you think these people need to hear, the address is there on the page.

It may be worth going if only for the chance to walk around the trade-show floor and gawk at all the massively super-ultra way-cool gadgets on display.

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