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On Software Performance · This is pro­voked by a mon­u­men­tal es­say over on MSDN by Jan Gray en­ti­tled Writ­ing Faster Man­aged Code: Know What Things Cost. I think peo­ple who care about per­for­mance in mod­ern pro­gram­ming en­vi­ron­ments, even those who don’t plan to go near the .NET CLR, ought to read this. A bunch of re­ac­tions and ob­ser­va­tions at vary­ing lev­els of meta-ness ...
Loopy · I read, via Don Box, Jan Gray’s mon­u­men­tal piece about per­for­mance of man­aged code in .NET. If you care about per­for­mance in gen­er­al it’s a good read. This pro­voked a lot of thought and I’ll write more, but al­so sug­gest­ed a spe­cif­ic cod­ing tech­nique for mak­ing loops faster; I tried it out and it failed the first rough-cut test, but sug­gests an im­prove­ment for fu­ture lan­guage de­sign­s. (Warn­ing: in-the-trenches geeky.) (Up­date: on it­er­a­tors and dy­nam­ic lan­guages and Ja­va and C#, with more bench­mark­s.)
(Up­date: massively-erudite write-up from Erik van Koni­j­nen­burg.)
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