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Free Speech and Benchmarks · This is as­tound­ing. Many soft­ware li­cens­es, in­clud­ing some from Mi­crosoft and Oracle—and in this biz, if those two are do­ing it ev­ery­one is—have lan­guage say­ing you can’t pub­lish bench­marks or stud­ies about the soft­ware with­out writ­ten per­mis­sion from the ven­dor. Ap­par­ent­ly, the US courts are giv­ing this prac­tice the treat­ment it de­serves. I feel a se­vere flame com­ing on, but there’s some in­ter­est­ing back­ground to look at first ...
Quantitative Typography · Rick Jel­lif­fe, whose main hang­out is I think here al­though Google finds a dif­fer­ent “home page”, writes to point out this ex­cel­lent com­par­a­tive study of a bunch of dif­fer­ent on­line type­faces, both serif and sans-serif. The study is too nu­anced and deep to sound­bite (cough Times bad cough) and if you care about this stuff at al­l, you should check it out. Now we need to fig­ure out how to in­cent the re­searchers to cov­er a few more fonts.
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