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Free Speech and Benchmarks · This is astounding. Many software licenses, including some from Microsoft and Oracle—and in this biz, if those two are doing it everyone is—have language saying you can’t publish benchmarks or studies about the software without written permission from the vendor. Apparently, the US courts are giving this practice the treatment it deserves. I feel a severe flame coming on, but there’s some interesting background to look at first ...
Quantitative Typography · Rick Jelliffe, whose main hangout is I think here although Google finds a different “home page”, writes to point out this excellent comparative study of a bunch of different online typefaces, both serif and sans-serif. The study is too nuanced and deep to soundbite (cough Times bad cough) and if you care about this stuff at all, you should check it out. Now we need to figure out how to incent the researchers to cover a few more fonts.
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