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Hey, Norm · I am now not the on­ly TAG mem­ber with an on­go­ing (so to speak) Web pres­ence: Norm Walsh is here. (Hm­m, that’s the first .name URI I’ve ev­er seen.) Let me see, he runs his per­son­al sched­uler through RSS. Good. He wran­gles Doc­book, on­ly the biggest honkin’ in-production pro-publishing XML vo­cab­u­lary on the plan­et, and is doc­u­ment­ing the wran­gling in re­al time. Peo­ple who care about this, care a lot. Best of al­l, he pub­lish­es pic­tures of flow­er­s. A keep­er, I’d say.
RFC2396bis, Light Bedtime Reading · One of the many items caus­ing the W3C TAG’s in­put queue to bulge alarm­ing­ly is the re­draft­ing of RFC2396, cur­rent­ly in the hands of Roy Field­ing, to whom we all owe thanks. This is the doc­u­ment that de­fines what a URI is, of­fi­cial­ly, for the pro­gram­mers who build the We­b. A URI stands for Uni­form Re­source Iden­ti­fi­er (see Univer­sal Repub­lic of Love). It’s one of the three legs of the Web’s ar­chi­tec­tural tripod, and is very im­por­tan­t. You might want to re­view it in de­tail, like I am right now, but some ad­vance warn­ings are in or­der ...
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