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Hey, Norm · I am now not the only TAG member with an ongoing (so to speak) Web presence: Norm Walsh is here. (Hmm, that’s the first .name URI I’ve ever seen.) Let me see, he runs his personal scheduler through RSS. Good. He wrangles Docbook, only the biggest honkin’ in-production pro-publishing XML vocabulary on the planet, and is documenting the wrangling in real time. People who care about this, care a lot. Best of all, he publishes pictures of flowers. A keeper, I’d say.
RFC2396bis, Light Bedtime Reading · One of the many items causing the W3C TAG’s input queue to bulge alarmingly is the redrafting of RFC2396, currently in the hands of Roy Fielding, to whom we all owe thanks. This is the document that defines what a URI is, officially, for the programmers who build the Web. A URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier (see Universal Republic of Love). It’s one of the three legs of the Web’s architectural tripod, and is very important. You might want to review it in detail, like I am right now, but some advance warnings are in order ...
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