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Chihiro · I'm a computer geek, and everyone knows computer geeks love Anime. It says so at least three times a week over on Slashdot. I'd given it a couple of tries but generally failed to get it (for example, we turned off Akira halfway through). Then last weekend we rented Spirited Away, and I don’t know if I’m ready to sign up as an Anime lover, but that is a fine movie ...
Not Rocket Science · Simon Willison is collecting his excellent series of writeups on practical CSS magic under the rubric CSS ain’t Rocket Science. He should be wrong, it should be like rocket science: predictable, deterministic, with an engineering ruleset saying How To Do It. Except for the tools are broken. To be specific, Microsoft’s tool is broken. And in recent news, apparently they don’t care. Which is maybe just fine ...
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