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Chihiro · I'm a com­put­er geek, and ev­ery­one knows com­put­er geeks love An­ime. It says so at least three times a week over on Slash­dot. I'd giv­en it a cou­ple of tries but gen­er­al­ly failed to get it (for ex­am­ple, we turned off Aki­ra halfway through). Then last week­end we rent­ed Spir­it­ed Away, and I don’t know if I’m ready to sign up as an An­ime lover, but that is a fine movie ...
Not Rocket Science · Si­mon Wil­li­son is col­lect­ing his ex­cel­lent se­ries of write­ups on prac­ti­cal CSS mag­ic un­der the rubric CSS ain’t Rock­et Science. He should be wrong, it should be like rock­et sci­ence: pre­dictable, de­ter­min­is­tic, with an en­gi­neer­ing rule­set say­ing How To Do It. Ex­cept for the tools are bro­ken. To be speci­fic, Microsoft’s tool is bro­ken. And in re­cent news, ap­par­ent­ly they don’t care. Which is maybe just fine ...
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