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How We Talk to Each Other · Back in March, I had an intense dialogue with Jon Udell about how journalism in general and tech journalism in particular feel increasingly broken, and whether something else comes next, and if so what. Herewith a look at the problem and where it comes from. (Warning: Insanely long even by my standards. Summary: Journalism sucks. But there's hope.) ...
aloihin Backhuhn ambulant chopin · This, believe it or not, was the title of a spam that made it through the Mozilla junk filter. Maybe we're converging on a new bargain with the spammers: if they provide an interesting enough title, we'll smile at their cleverness before hitting Delete ...
XML Tribal Bash, Get Yer Papers In · Way back before there was XML, there was SGML, and there was one big SGML conference a year, with unimaginative names: “SGML 1990”, “SGML 1991”, and so on. 1990 is when I started going. XML was announced to the world at SGML ’96, an occasion I’ll remember till I die. All this is a lead-in to a plug for today’s version of that conference, still unimaginatively named: XML 2003. In particular, I’d like to encourage the kind of people who read me here to think about sending in a paper and getting on stage. Read on for details ...
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