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Condolences to COMP249 Sufferers · It would appear that the students taking COMP249, “Web Technology,” at Macquarie University in Sydney, Oz, have an assignment which amounts to writing an RSS aggregator, and have been given ongoing’s as a canonical example. I'd bitch if I were them. (Update: COMP249 Students Set New Record!) ...
I am Emacs, Hear Me Roar · Fresh from the oven: a little Emacs doohickey where I can type control-' one or more times, and it alternates through inserting , , and (those are sexy grown-up Unicode quotation marks, not mere ASCII " and '). It keeps track of things so when I type /, the all-purpose “end-whatever” command, I get the appropriate matching end quote if required, or the appropriate end-tag if that’s called for. Because in blogging, speed matters.
Retroactive Moral Conundrum · The fog of war having somewhat cleared in Iraq, it seems likely that this one should provide decades’ worth of enjoyable historical casuistry. Namely, what is the moral balance between all the untruths used to start the war and the commendable result of deposing a murderous tyrant? ...
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