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Condolences to COMP249 Sufferers · It would ap­pear that the stu­dents tak­ing COMP249, “Web Technology,” at Mac­quar­ie Univer­si­ty in Syd­ney, Oz, have an as­sign­ment which amounts to writ­ing an RSS ag­gre­ga­tor, and have been giv­en on­go­ing’s as a canon­i­cal ex­am­ple. I'd bitch if I were them. (Up­date: COMP249 Stu­dents Set New Record!) ...
I am Emacs, Hear Me Roar · Fresh from the oven: a lit­tle Emacs doohick­ey where I can type control-' one or more times, and it al­ter­nates through in­sert­ing , , and (those are sexy grown-up Uni­code quo­ta­tion mark­s, not mere ASCII " and '). It keeps track of things so when I type /, the all-purpose “end-whatever” com­mand, I get the ap­pro­pri­ate match­ing end quote if re­quired, or the ap­pro­pri­ate end-tag if that’s called for. Be­cause in blog­ging, speed mat­ters.
Retroactive Moral Conundrum · The fog of war hav­ing some­what cleared in Iraq, it seems like­ly that this one should pro­vide decades’ worth of en­joy­able his­tor­i­cal ca­su­istry. Name­ly, what is the moral bal­ance be­tween all the un­truths used to start the war and the com­mend­able re­sult of de­pos­ing a mur­der­ous tyran­t? ...
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