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Information and War, the 1820 View · The prob­lem is, the new built-in book­cas­es are in­stalled but not yet fin­ished, so most of the books are packed away, the small sub­set still avail­able is well-randomized slim pick­ings. Thus late the oth­er night I found my­self spend­ing qual­i­ty time with Carl von Clausewitz' On War, al­leged­ly a clas­sic, and was un­ex­pect­ed­ly re­ward­ed; he has a chap­ter en­ti­tled In­for­ma­tion in War which res­onates with the now ...
Where Newspaper Stories Go When They Die · Doc Searls has been at the cen­ter of a bunch of dis­cus­sion about big-name print jour­nal­ism con­tents not be­ing on the Web for any us­able time in any us­able for­m. Wel­l, I know where they go when they die, and it's not to heav­en; I'm as­tound­ed that no­body else has picked up on the ba­sic dollars-and-cents is­sues here ...
Infoheavyweight · I spent a cou­ple of days last week in Or­lan­do at the Thom­son Cor­po­ra­tion Tech­nol­o­gy Sum­mit; 120 or so lead­ers from the many far-flung out­posts of the Thom­son em­pire; I did a keynote and talked up Visu­al Net. It was kind of a thrill for me, be­cause these are the peo­ple that XML was ac­tu­al­ly built for, and they live in the world of In­for­ma­tion and noth­ing but. Here­with a few words on the loud­est drum­beats in a tribe that feels like my own ...
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