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Language Fermentation · If you're a programmer, I think you're lucky, because this is an exciting time we're living in: there's some powerful intellectual ferment in progress out there. This may be the golden age of programming, as Paul Graham argues, and maybe everything we thought we knew about strong typing is wrong. Herewith a bit of surveyware with a touch of debunking and a practical footnote on Java exception handling. (Warning: geeky.) (Update May 9, good feedback on Java Exceptions.) ...
About as Big as the Web · In recent months, I've been having serious fun on the job working with OCLC WorldCat data. WorldCat is big - about as big as the Web, and in some respects richer. It is also amazingly under-utilized (what was the last time you did a large-scale search on anything but Google?), and we'd like to fix that. Herewith some notes on who OCLC is, what WorldCat is, and some of the fun we're having. (Warning: long, and with some pitching for Antarctica; but some juicy screenies, and infojunkies must read.) ...
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