If you carry a camera around you should hide one of these at the bottom of your bag; there’s always one in my briefcase. It will turn a lot of basic shots from impossible to easy. [Updated again: blogging e-commerce in action!]

C-Clamp mini tripod

Update: I got the following email:

	From: 	  xxxxx@clamperpod.com
	Subject: 	Shameless request for a link...
	Date: 	January 13, 2004 4:40:46 PM PST

First, best of luck finding your dream job... and please do develop BRF... 
the Florida update just killed me. Anyway I'm writing to request a link from:




It would be much appreciated but I do understand why one would ignore 
such a request.

Best regards,
Fred Sipe

Hey, why not? Polite note, and it’s a decent enough site. So I put in the pointer and asked him to send me a free clamp and he did, and I asked him if the pointer had had any effect and he wrote back “Yep, sold some stuff thanks to you.” This newfangled “online business” idea has legs, I tell you.

Original Post From May 2003 Starts Here · It's just an ordinary C-Clamp like you use for woodwork, only it's got a little tripod doohickey that screws into the bottom of your camera, and another screwdown so that you can adjust your camera in all sorts of dimensions.

If you want to take a picture and be in it and nobody else is around, or if you're in a dark place and want to shoot without a flash for natural colour and need the camera held still, this thing is just the ticket. The clamp will screw onto nearly anything, nearly anywhere.

Also it doesn't weigh much and it doesn't cost much. Good camera stores have them.

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