We've got the slide scanner pretty well in production now, and last night I ran a roll that Lauren shot in early 2000. Reviewing the captures is a joy, memories in each one and then sometimes treasure.

This was shot on Geekcruises' first Perl Whirl (dammit I'm going to have to steal the copy and pix from O'Reilly's site and stage them here, they're worth seeing and the page is busted in every browser I use).

Ice splashes from black-streaked glacier into Alaskan waters

It turns out the cruising lifestyle is not for us, but any Alaskan cruise includes a trip to Glacier Bay, which is a bay with a lot of glaciers. In the picture above, the splash is a piece of glacier falling into the water. In the homily on the left it says I don't believe in God, but when you see something like this you have to wonder if that isn't maybe the simplest explanation. Somebody's paintbrush was at work on that glacier.

You can click and enlarge that picture, but there's no good way to deliver 4000x4000 Nikon scans via the Web, which is a pity, it's something to see on a really big screen.

Bengal cat in pear tree, preparing to leap

Everyone's web site ought conventionally to include a photo of their cute cat, now ongoing does. This is Rune, a diminutive Bengal who's loveable with people, but is unbelievably fast and has a carnivore's attitude toward the wildlife; we regret the slaughtered songbirds but shed few tears for the rats, some half her size; this is a waterfront city, remember.

That's the fork of a big old pear tree that she's in, her natural camouflage is really doing its job. Whatever she's looking up at is suffering from severely shortened life expectancy.

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