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Feeling Lucky · One of the nice things about living here in Vancouver is that it's remarkably free of ethnic tensions; I can honestly say that I go from one year's end to the next without bumping into even casual bigotry. And when I look at the other side of the world or even south of the border, I feel lucky, because we're in a minority ...
On Hating SQL · The initial cut of the software that drives ongoing is not scaling well as the number of essays grows, and it's keeping me from making a couple of changes I have in mind. So, I'm stumbling from LAPdog to LAMPlight status, that is to say adding Mysql to the existing Linux/Apache/Perl software basis. Which means that there are splodges of SQL dotting my perl code like zits on a teenage face. In theory, I like SQL a lot. In practice it revolts me, and I'm not sure why ...
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