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Bye-bye Concorde · Every news organization in the world has covered this, but I remember seeing one of the first Concorde flights, one of them went on a world tour before commercial flights started, flew low over my home town, I was amazed, it's a poem poured into metal. Also an environmental disaster and (they say) an uncomfortable travel experience. But beautiful; I poked around and found a nice picture ...
On Drugs · Vancouver, where I live, has one of the world's worst street-drugs problems. I visited Zürich several times during the famous “Needle Park” days, and grew up in Lebanon, where much of the rural economy was hashish-fueled, and went to university in the Seventies (and we all know about that decade), and now here I am in Vancouver, famous not only for that street scene but for exporting mega-quantities of “BC Bud” to our southern neighbor. Drugs seem to have been following me around. You might want to read this even if you're not from Vancouver, because we just might be the future, and you could be dealing with it in your own town pretty soon ...
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