We don't get TV at home, so I've been following the war (a bit obsessively, I will admit) on the Web. I was on the road the last couple of days and spent several hours in my hotel room glued to the news channels watching the war on TV. The conclusion is: don't watch the war on TV, the Web is way better.

I'm not going to discourse on the general stupidity and absurdly low news-to-filler ratio of TV coverage, because 99% of people who read this will have already been watching TV and know all this.

If you go and bookmark the the BBC's collective reporters' blog, the Command Post, and The Agonist, and check back there every hour or so, you're going to find out everything you would no matter how obsessive your channel-scanning, and you're going to be able to get on with life too.

I recommend checking out a couple of the opinion & analysis sites too, perhaps (on the moderate left) Talking Points Memo and (on the not-so-moderate right) Instapundit.

An a final conclusion; for a major war whose implications straddle the globe, the amount of hard news coming out is remarkably, amazingly, small. I hope we can look forward to some good retrospective books being written.

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April 04, 2003
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