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Good Morning, Baghdad · I was working away with the MSNBC Baghdad Cam parked in a corner of the screen (they've improved it, it stays synced robustly up but only lets you watch for 20 minutes without restarting, which seems fair). Baghdad by night, when bombing isn't going on, is pretty quiet, occasional car drive-by and horn-honk sounds. Then at 5 PM Pacific, the morning birds started singing, and at 5:40, the pre-dawn call to prayer. This is moving stuff in wartime, check it out ...
The Peace Movement's Worst Nightmare · 
In the town of Safwan, Iraqi civilians eagerly greeted the 1st Marine Division.
One little boy, who had chocolate melted all over his face after a soldier gave him some treats from his ration kit, kept pointing at the sky, saying “Ameriki, Ameriki.”

This is the “peace” movement's worst nightmare, isn't it? (posted at 02:50 PM by Glenn Reynolds)
No, the peace movement's worst nightmare is that the United States extrapolates from Iraq and decides that unilateral aggression is an easy, rewarding and fun way to solve the world's problems
Webthoughts in Wartime · I'm sitting at home in a daze induced by the worst cold of my life - the few operating brain cells mostly sucked up in aimless Web meandering trying to understand the War and the world better, but mostly I'm learning things things about the Web instead. To a ghostly soundtrack of Baghdad night sounds (cars and their horns mostly) from the teeny MSNBC Baghdad Cam in the screen's corner, I wonder if Yahoo is dead, and maybe publishing too, and what it is we're making up here as we go along? ...
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