Windy (very), grey, sky threatening, but warm, warm! It's a treat to be alive and have a garden to revive, just set the hat firmly on the head against the wind. The now-two-year-old antique roses can be unbound and the canes woven behind the trellis, the witch hazel needs many of last years' leaves pulled off, and some pretty severe raking-up of winter debris is done. Daffodils are up, they are crying out for sun but still a treat for the winter-deadened eye.

Small daffodils on dark spring day

At the front of the house, the Evergreen Clematis is an eighteen-foot waterfall of creamy starry flowers, but my much-loathed camera has foiled every attempt at a useful picture, I can almost hear it cackling vindictively as it goes back in the pocket. A few months more penance and I'm going to take what should be a great picture, then ceremonially drive the car over the camera without even unloading it.

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March 15, 2003
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